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The Dolphin’s Voice was founded in 2012 with the goal to contribute to protecting dolphins, whales, and their habitat – the world’s oceans – by raising awareness and engaging in international projects. With new concepts, like the multi-day multimedia event Wild Dolphins 2017 in Frankfurt, we aim to arouse the interest of children and adults in the highly evolved marine mammals and the challenges they face in captivity and in the wild. Wild Dolphins 2017 will bring both information and excitement to listeners, cinemagoers, inquirers, and admirers. Through presentations, films, workshops, and exhibitions we intend to illustrate where dolphins live, how they communicate, and why the United Nations have even attributed "non-human culture" to them. Throughout our activities, we try our best to judge emotional topics in a rational way, instead of just following the prevailing opinion. We strive to reach our goals through dedication, transparency, honesty, and efficiency.

We hope that you enjoy the information found on this site, and we look forward to meeting you at our events!

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Team TDV

Wild Dolphins 2017 – German Premiere in Frankfurt/Main – Get close to the action!


• We co-organised a protest in Athens against dolphin slaughter and captivity, aligned with the global protest “Media on Taiji”
• TDV became a registered charitable organisation
• TDV organised a #Blackfish screening in Klein-Winternheim (near Mainz)
with expert guest Dr. Silvia Frey of Ocean Care
• TDV participated in Europe: Close Dolphinaria in Brussels
• We co-organised the Blackfish screening in Kreml Kulturhaus, Hahnstätten, Germany
• Our huge “Watch Blackfish” banner was sent on its journey around the globe
to support events of fellow organisations worldwide
• We participated in Europe: Close Dolphinaria in Brussels
• TDV organised a demonstration at the Japanese Embassy in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Dolphin’s & Whales

More than 30 species of the highly evolved marine mammals that we know as dolphins populate the world’s oceans – and also some rivers! In biological taxonomy, all dolphins actually belong to the suborder of toothed whales, which also includes porpoises, belugas, sperm whales, and beaked whales.
The oceanic dolphin comprise several species that are commonly called whales, with the ones most widely known being the killer whale (orca) and the pilot whale. The river dolphins belong to several different biological families; well-known species are the Ganges river dolphin and the Amazon river dolphin. While The Dolphin’s Voice aims to contribute to the protection of all cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), our main focus are the oceanic dolphins and river dolphins.
Unfortunately, dolphins are not only living in the wild, but are also held captive in many entertainment facilities all over the world – under the false pretence that it serves educational, conservational. and even therapeutical purposes. One of our goals is to raise awareness about the exploitation and killing of dolphins for profit, and to show instead how everyone can contribute to protecting and respecting them.
What are researchers learning about the various dolphin populations worldwide? On our science news page we provide brief summaries of recent publications and news articles that report scientific research:
Male Dusky Dolphins Compete during Group Mating Chases (posted 05 June 2015)
In a recently published study by Dara N. Orbach (Texas A&M University) and collaborators, mating groups of dusky dolphins were observed off Kaikoura, New Zealand, during their breeding season. The question the researchers were asking was whether male dolphins behave cooperatively during group mating chases – leading to a higher copulation rate – or whether they compete with each other. It turns out that the male dolphins are in competition, which leads to a lower copulation rate (per male) when the mating group is larger.

Grindaboð — Message About Pilot Whales

On Grindaboð.fo you can learn about the pilot whale – the oceanic dolphin that has become an icon for the Faroe Islands and is often mentioned in discussions about culture and traditions. On the Faroe Islands, pilot whales are hunted for food. The hunt is a dramatic sight that has upset many and been subject to a great deal of criticism from around the world.
Grind is a pod of pilot whales. The word boð means “message”. Therefore grindaboð means “message about grind”. The website Grindaboð.fo messages about grind, but in a different way than tradition dictates.

Today the pilot whale hunt is needless and causes unnecessary harm to the whales, yet the hunt remains an icon for the Faroes, a cultural symbol of a sort. Grindaboð.fo wishes to pay tribute to this iconic animal and promote alternative ways for the Faroese people to relate with pilot whales.
We are supporting the excellent educational website Grindaboð.fo

Watch Blackfish

WATCH BLACKFISH is the message we sent around the world. Our huge banner (7m/23ft long) was used at events in Brussels, Dublin, Miami, and elsewhere, helping to animate people to educate themselves about orca captivity – and cetacean captivity in general – through watching the movie Blackfish.

Raising Awareness With Our »WATCH BLACKFISH« Banner


Science News

New research suggests that the smallest and rarest marine dolphin in the world, Maui’s dolphin (a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin), could be extinct within 15 years if protection measures are not extended. Dr. Barbara Maas, head of endangered species conservation of the organisation Nabu, estimates that only 43-47 individuals are left, including about 10 mature females. According to Dr. Maas, fishing nets pose a continuous danger for the dolphins and thus fishing should be banned across the entire habitat, not only in specific areas. The new study was presented at a meeting of the scientific committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).
Read more on our dedicated science news page!
Could translocation from one river to another save endangered Ganges river dolphins from extinction? Top wildlife officers of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are planning such an endeavour, while scientists discuss the prospects controversially. R.S. Lal Mohan of the Cetacean Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) voices concerns: “I don’t think translocation is possible. Ganges dolphins have an elaborate mating behaviour. Hence, this animal should be treated with extra care,” adding that deep water is required for breeding.
Read more on our dedicated science news page!

TDV News

Neues aus der Forschung…jetzt auch auf Deutsch? Dafür suchen wir ab sofort eine/n ehrenamtliche/n Helfer/in zur regelmäßigen Übersetzung unserer Science News vom Englischen ins Deutsche. Alle Informationen gibt es hier.
The Dolphin’s Voice has completed the registration as charitable organisation! This means full transparency for our supporters and more possibilities for us.


Past Events

31 August 2012
TDV organised a peaceful protest with about 40 participants in front of the Japanese embassy in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), followed by a short conversation with the representative of the embassy. We handed him posters painted by children, visualizing their concerns about the annual hunting, capturing and killing of dolphins in Tahiti and Japan.
29 June 2013
TDV participated in the demonstration “Europe: Close Dolphinaria” in Brussels, where 200 people – including Ric O’Barry – protested against dolphin captivity.
03 December 2013
In the legal case of Morgan the orca, who was captured for rescue but then brought to an entertainment park, the court hearing of the appeal took place at the High Court in Den Haag. TDV attended the hearing and showed support with a large “Free Morgan” banner.
29 June 2014
A large demo “Europe: Close Dolphinaria” was held at the Atomium in Brussels, supported by Ric O’Barry and attended by 400 people. Read more here! TDV participated by giving a speech to the attendants and bringing a huge “Watch Blackfish” banner along to help raise awareness for cetacean captivity.
11 April 2014
TDV co-organised an evening at the Kreml Kulturhaus (Hahnstätten, Germany) with a screening of “Blackfish” and a subsequent video link to Howard Garrett (Orca Network).
04 November 2015
We organised a free-entrance Blackfish screening along with a round-table discussion at the bar Crazy Cocktail in Klein-Winternheim, Germany, supported by expert guest Dr. Silvia Frey of OceanCare.

Upcoming Events

With this three-day event, entitled “Wild Dolphins”, we’d like to make visitors familiar with the variety of dolphin species around the globe and the challenges they face. With film screenings, talks, workshops for kids, art and photo exhibits, we aim to provide information about dolphins and whales in the wild, as well as on the origin of animals in captivity. It is our goal that all visitors learn something new and can use the information provided to form their own opinion.

Thank you for supporting us!

The Dolphin’s Voice is run on a purely voluntary basis, driven by the personal commitment of our members and supporters. We believe that knowledge leads to awareness, and awareness leads to change. Help us build a world where dolphins and whales are met with respect and can live free from human threats!


Founder & Chair

Alexander is a wildlife, travel and tech addict, as well as a passionate photographer. Since he saw river dolphins in Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta, he has dedicated his time to work for an end of cetacean captivity. In 2012 he founded The Dolphin’s Voice as a private initiative that is now a non-profit organisation, following his creed: “Not because it’s impossible, we don’t try it, but because we don’t try it, it’s impossible!”



Thorsten is a professional astrophysicist and university lecturer who discovered his passion for whales and dolphins through visits to Vancouver Island. He has done volunteer work for the Langley Whale Center of Orca Network and is involved in an ID project of whales in the Canadian Arctic.

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Speak up #ForTheWild – Be The Dolphin's Voice – Do not support #captivity !

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